Saturday, April 17, 2010

Spring and the Musts

Surfacing from hectic, crazed few months of winter. Vague illustration: many 13 hour days on end. Running a business, teaching hundreds of ski lessons, freelance writing projects in addition. Entertaining a 15credit load of college classes, maintaining relationships, grasping for sanity, sharing space with another human being plus visitors and houseguests, life....

Cheers to spring. New buds on the trees, sunshine and blue skies. The turn of new pages and onset of much improved schedule.

I've been climbing every single day this week, at the gym and outside now. The approaches have been a little muddy, and some snow patches to be tromped through, but so worth it and so gorgeous out.

Two days on trails/road with my mountainbiking class, love it, getting worked by it, can't wait to love it some more and get worked by it less. My biking instructor (who is a radical triathlete and power-woman extraordinaire...) commented that there are Three Musts if you live in Utah:

Rock Climbing

Amen to that. And I'm 3 for 3 this week.
Love the Wasatch!


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Tyler & Katie Rice said...

i, too, want to know what your business is. fill us in!