Saturday, July 30, 2011

Not That Special

Yesterday someone told me point blank:

"You know, you're not that special."

It was kind of... a relief, actually. Not that I walk around cooing to myself about perceived specialness by any means. But I was reading a blog earlier today about a child born with EB - which may very well be the most vicious disease I know of. A blog about the tragedies in Norway. Another blog about one modern girl's brutal and heartfelt journey toward finding love and family.

And it's true, I'm not that special.
No one is.
We're all just human.
The universe has many stories.
Everyone's experiences are worthy.
No one is better than anyone else.

I think competition kills love, a little bit.

Maybe because competition is made of pride, a pride that puts our ego at the forefront of our concerns in a mode of diminishing returns - the more we concern ourselves with our own interests, the less we see of the world around us, the less our real needs are met, the less we are able to see anything else, and consequently really see ourselves and others as we are - merely humans. Ezra Taft Benson's words on the subject here in a talk that's relevance and application has only grown over time for me.

Just musing. Thinking. It's late.

Friday, July 8, 2011

On the Run

Well, I done did it. Left the biz, family, friends, my once-was house, comfort zone, habits... essentially, my world. Came to Alaska, and love Alaska I do. Of the many reasons for being here, being on the run is one. In the advent of the second month of my stay, I'm breaking stride. It's getting fun. I've got rhythm, I've got soul.

In case you haven't seen the TED talk linked to the left side over there, right beneath my profile, you might want to. A few times, even, maybe. That little number changed and continues to change my life - which really has been quite full of change. A big part of that comes from having parents who are radically different from one another and also got divorced - having to bounce back and forth between different houses, lifestyles, rules, habits, everything. Absolute torture and an opportunity to foster resilience and dynamism, all at the same time, and the foundation for the whole gypsy lifestyle I've pursued in my years on my own.

A few things I've learned or been thinking of, lately...

  • Being smart isn't worth anything at all if one can't figure out how to be happy, too. 
  • Being "cool" has zero street value if one can't also be kind and authentic.
  • Generally, situations are what you make them, and just about everything requires hard work. 
  • When I don't take things personally but instead look for the bigger picture or deeper factors, the more accepting I am of others.
  • Creativity isn't easy to foster and give breathing room in the messy chaos of life, which makes it even more rewarding and beautiful when it rises and exists.
  • Changing the setting may let the character emerge in a rewarding or even necessary way. Transplanting myself to new places has always helped evoke the purest things in me yet I am what I am, no matter where I carry that to. 
  • The internet and a smart phone practically makes it possible to be a little bit of everywhere, all at once, on demand - which is about as good or as bad a thing as one makes of it. 
That's it for now, more words coming soon. Peep the vid! 

Peace and love.