Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Say When

Fifteen days of blur. As a veteran, I know when the tides of tourism come and go in the ski industry, but they rock the boat nonetheless. Presidents' week 2010: over and done. Hallelujah!

A few kinks that got thrown into the mix this year:

Took my dear PHG, age 7, skiing the day after Pres'. Car blew up on the highway. Initial bid for repair: $800. Finding a way up the mountain, having an awesome day in spite of it all, and keeping the kid in smiles - priceless. It was a really gorgeous day - soft, sparkling snow and sunshine!

In the wake of the disabled vehicle, a lost wallet that led to a missed then delayed flight, which led to a belated birthday celebration (happy 8th, TJ!) and some treasured moments with beloved faces before a quick turnaround trip back to SLC. Short as it was, I'm grateful for the respite of soul.

Change sure is life's only constant, there are no guarantees. I admit, I do enjoy a good challenge. Something about the dynamism and charisma that crisis summons is such an endorphin high. At least when things turn out... ;)

I have been musing about tragedy, since the world is seemingly host to an abundance lately (see also: Haiti, Chile).

I wish suffering on no one and my heart goes out to those struggling in the aftermath of loss and devastation. I am inspired by the way people can bind together for positive outcomes and come 'back down to earth' in the face of devastation. Humility and team work are so much more beautifully infused in a society than pretentious, classist arrogance and enmity. Disaster can amplify the latter, too - though when faced with serious struggles for survival alone, people seem more willing to cut the crap.

Part of my ongoing Quarterlife education has been learning when to 'say when' and having the courage/tenacity to do so.  I'm coming to terms with my inability to be everything to everyone. That was once a goal, before I understood at a grown-up level the meaning of resources. Time, energy, emotion, the like... precious beyond belief! I have my causes to which I am absolutely and unwaveringly devout - but only a few; they know who they are.

The tiers of priority are stacked, with more opportunities clamoring for a place. I've only got so much. The foundation is care for self - there's nothing to give if your resources are bankrupt. Then family. And so it goes... and at some point, we all have to cut the crap, and invest where it counts - be real, be really there for those that need us.



Rindy and Shane said...

Thanks Jenn... I needed to hear that.

haikitay said...

Jenn I don't know if I have told you but I love your soundtrack on your site. I open your site and just listen to it and browse around. Thanks.