Friday, April 15, 2011

Delicious Spring

   On the road late last night, unexpectedly sharing the miles with an acquaintance who easily became an endeared friend. We drove from Salt Lake into the starry, moonlit hues of desert night, slept on the floor in a house on the outskirts of Moab, full of the music of exhale from sleeping people now bound for Cataract Canyon, except me. Tomorrow I start a three day course to re-certify my WFR in preparation for the 2011 river season.

  Out of habit, gravitational pull, draw of the heartstrings maybe, the first thing I did upon leaving this morning was head toward river road, finding this surprise at the turnoff....

                 MATRIMONY SPRING is back in action! 

  Last year I was devastated to find it sealed and padlocked, the water deemed undrinkable by some force for quality control. It may not be in it's heyday anymore, (click here for a previous post), but the water was as delicious and cool as ever, and I felt as though reunited with a particularly sweet and familiar vein of the lifeblood of the planet. A view from further up the road:

           Castle Valley alive and well, basking in sleepy morning sunlight and shadow. 

    After cruising over the LaSal Loop Road, enjoyed the first sleep in the back of my newest vehicle - delighted with the results, the space is quite cozy and more than I've ever had. Awoke lazily, multiple times overlooking red rock and calm water, deeply pleased to be here and grateful for all the opportunities and paths that led to this point.

   Recent business milestones: I hired an accountant yesterday and hit the one year mark of licensing and operation in March. That first year was by far the most sleep deprived and stressful of my existence. But guess what? The "baby" has survived, thrived - and with the support of some fabulous help for which I am grateful, it stands on it's own two feet and is still there, happy and functioning, when I return from my travels. The accountant had some great ideas for growth and expansion and upon return from Alaska, I'm going to dive head first toward that goal... and cross my fingers that the world doesn't oust itself from existence in 2012.

   Although honestly, were this the sunset of humanity's existence as we know it, by and large I'd be content with how I've spent it. Where I've sown and labored in business, in my heart, family and relationships otherwise - there has been and continues to be a sweet reaping. I've learned, loved, and lived much, and have every intention of continuing as the year unfolds - come what may.

   More adventures on the horizon, more posts to come.


Rindy and Shane said...

So So jealous.... I want out of SLC so bad right now.

Clancy and Katie Black said...

Congratulations on the year mark!That is an amazing accomplishment. I feel the same way about 2012, bring it on, I'm very happy with my life right now. It's a good place to be.