Sunday, September 6, 2009

New Place!

Well, it's fall. Officially. I'm not working the river anymore, and I have a real house now. Crazy! I'll write more on the subject, but here are some pictures of the moving process so far.

Mom came down with me the first weekend in Aug. This is the place after an initial cleaning and prior to any moving-of-my-sheesh-into-the-premises. Note the country gingham clad couches.

A favorite feature: stained glass and windows with a twinkling view of city lights at night in the loft bedroom.

The bathroom undergoes a vital transformation - that wad of disgusting animal print plastic once served as a shower curtain. To say the new look is more my style is to understate the situation completely. Anyone in need of safari camo or material for a cheeta rain slicker, let me know.

Couch 1 Facelift: Remember that gingham? It just got smothered in rich chocolate brown, accented with Indian-esque pillows. Or something like that... this one is still a work in progress.

Couch 2 Facelift: Earth tones - light clay base from sofa cover, splashed in deep eggplant and forest, served over black and white flora.

My guest room awaits your powder vacation! (This is not a joke. Get planning kids. ;)

I finally have my own place! - Even more appreciated by the fact that I've been in a constant state of impermanence since May. I'll have more on the subject later, when I post the final pics.

Peace and love,


Rebecca said...

Cool house! Smart to remove the animal print from bathroom - not your style. I've always wanted a house with a loft! Fun!

Rindy and Shane said...

I love it Jenn! Especially love the spiral staircase and the stained glass window.. reminds me of home just a bit. Can't wait to come see it!!

Timea. said...

wow! i cannot believe that you have a house! can i come and visit sometime?