Monday, February 16, 2009

A Love Post

un .... I. verse

Walking the lines between faith
And a recombinant solution of the two

Discovering slowly through the travail of time
Gave way to association, actualized, and later realized.

Pledging for years a senseless, vague, determined
On human terms, in the format of minutes, miles nearer.

Giving without expectation of reward, knowing that
Create the beauty of the whole, within

Forming lines that however parallel may never
Traveling freely at speeds of light or held fast

Observing and learning to be complete
Undefined in the course of others

Being, verbs, all of them, enacted by the
That is the I within the universe.


A shout out to the refining properties of time, the years of faith and determination that heal retroactively the wounds of a decade.

To friendship within blood
To relativity
To time showing the truth of all things
To being unaffected by old crutches
To walking freely
..... breathing deep
letting go.

[Renewal. Restart. Refresh. Rejuvenation. Welcome.]

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Tyler & Katie Rice said...

I always love your posts. You are so ... eloquent.